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Asset Performance Management
Optimizing maintenance and replacement decisions

Electrical equipment is a critical component of an asset portfolio. Beyond its financial value, it plays an even greater role in overall business performance. Due to technological evolutions, vanishing electrical expertise, ageing assets with increasing exposure to failure, and continuous pressure on operating and capital expenses, electrical grids are more exposed to complex and challenging environments.

With Asset Performance Management (APM), GE offers value-added solutions to optimize asset operation, maintenance and replacement strategy, taking into account asset condition, criticality and performance objectives. Maintenance and replacement decisions can be optimized by moving from reactive to proactive maintenance and reducing unplanned downtime, minimizing costs to extend asset life.

GE’s APM suite of innovative solutions and value-added services for smart asset management provide reduced operation and maintenance costs, improved reliability, risk evaluation and strategic asset planning.

Integrated Solutions
Professional Services
Condition Monitoring
Analytics Software
Enterprise Integration

An integrated suite to get the best out of all assets

GE’s Asset Performance Management is a suite of software, sensors and service solutions that use data and analytics to reduce unplanned downtime, improve reliability and availability, minimize total cost of ownership, and reduce operational risks. GE provides the products and services to build a comprehensive data management and decision chain for assets.

GE’s integrated suite optimizes asset reliability and value through:

  • Expertise in electrical equipment design and manufacturing
  • Entire scope covered, from field assessment to enterprise IT
  • Centralized repository of all condition data for decision support
  • Flexible health models and analytics, expandable to all asset types
  • Effective and consistent methodology based on industry standards
  • Maintenance and replacement plans integrated with your business processes

Optimize maintenance and replacement decisions with GE’s Asset Performance Management

Optimize maintenance and replacement decisions with GE’s Asset Performance Management

Professional services delivered by specialists

The APM solution starts with GE’s ability to collect advanced asset condition data from the field on a large scale for all types of electrical assets from OEMs (GE and non-GE) using a range of measurement techniques and applying strict processes and methods.

Key benefits of APM professional services:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Covers all equipment brands
  • Solid methodology
  • Quality and safety processes
  • Certified oil laboratories
  • Outcome-based partnerships and contracts

Inspections and tests

Inspections, including advanced non-intrusive services, are supported by a well-defined methodology resulting from decades of experience in servicing power equipment. GE’s experts can also provide audits, diagnostics and recommendations to help streamline maintenance and optimize asset expenditures. This is particularly relevant for organizations facing large scale workforce retirements in the coming years.

GE’s asset performance management - Site inspection and tests

Transformer oil analysis in labs

Oil samples are analyzed by experts in our GE laboratories or by a local partner. A report is generated to include remedial actions and condition severity as per IEEE or IEC standards. Data can also be automatically transferred to the enterprise asset performance health management system, Grid APM.GE’s asset performance management - Transformer oil analysis in labs

Mobility tools for digital data collection

Our inspection methodology is supported by advanced mobility tools running on tablets. The collection of measurements, pictures and other data is fully automated up to enterprise level, increasing productivity while ensuring data integrity and quality.

GE’s asset performance management - Mobility tools for digital data collection

Expert consultancy services

Our experts are actively involved at every step of the process to provide periodic analysis and support for the overall fleet, as well as condition and performance reviews. They will also recommend improvements where appropriate, in line with the ISO 55000 process.

GE’s asset performance management - Expert Consultancy services

Continuous, online condition monitoring for critical assets

When certain equipment is critical to the performance of the substation, periodic visits and site inspections may not be sufficient. Online condition monitoring devices brings the real-time condition assessment, predictive and alert mechanisms for critical assets in order to minimize unplanned outages and avoid major repair costs or collateral damages.

Optimize maintenance and replacement decisions with GE’s Asset Performance Management

Grid APM - the analytics for decision support

GE’s Grid APM provides a variety of tools that enable advanced asset analytics, including data consolidation, health models, risk management, diagnostics, cutting edge software and several deployment platforms.

e-terra assetcare

Consolidate all data sources

Grid APM is the central repository collecting all asset related data, including field inspection data, operations data, real-time condition monitoring data, or historical records. It provides effective information sharing, documents management, decisions support and reporting throughout the entire company.

Customizable library of asset health models

Grid APM integrates GE’s expertise on electrical equipment. GE offers asset health models for most grid assets, including HV and MV, AIS and GIS, AC and DC. A predefined set of parameters evaluate the condition of the asset, fully customizable and extensible by the end-users.

Flexible analytics for risk management

Asset Health Index (AHI), maintenance index, end-of-life calculations, criticality and risk assessment can be used by maintenance departments to establish priorities for actions and to make decisions for Condition-Based or Reliability-Centered Maintenance strategies. The analytics are adaptable to all asset types.

Diagnostics & “What-if” capabilities

Customizable diagnostic tools can be used to recommend interventions on assets, and also compare options over multi-year periods. The system is also designed for managers and financial departments to build longer term, strategic plans, using predictive models and financial calculations.

Cutting edge technology and PREDIX Platform

Grid APM uses the latest software technologies geo-referenced displays. It is scalable and adaptable to various asset types thanks to its powerful calculation engine. With its web-based User Interface, access to the asset information is available to all stakeholders throughout the company for effective decision tracking. At the top of the technology stack, GE’s PREDIX platform provides users and utilities with an access to an unprecedented capability to develop and integrate their industrial internet applications.

SaaS, Cloud or On-premises integrated solutions

The system can be deployed according to a variety of customer needs: Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud-based, or on premises. GE offers a full range of secure and competitive solutions, unlocking the power of data for companies of all sizes.

Integration in Enterprise Business processes

GE’s Asset Performance Management solution is a key enabler for implementing your PAS 55 / ISO 55000 certification, and will strongly contribute to the benefits resulting from advanced asset management practices:

  • Strategic alignment of all departments in the company
  • Engaged workforce on company objectives and plans
  • Consistent decisions based on facts and data
  • Auditable decision tracking
  • Improved Asset Planning
  • Documented risk management process
  • Organized knowledge and skills management
  • Maximize the overall value resulting from your assets.

In charge of asset health management, Grid APM is the decisions support environment for managing your asset fleet. It can interface with the other systems at Enterprise level and streamline your business processes for maintenance management, grid operation, strategic asset and Enterprise resource planning.

The interconnection relies on modern web service interfaces, and take advantage of IEC 61968/61970 standards to facilitate the system integration.

UISOL, a GE company, can help you with architecture and organization consulting along these PAS 55/ISO 55000 standards.